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Copyright Privacy

This clause elaborates on the privacy statement of Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Network. This clause informs us of the information we may obtain from you when you visit the Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fasteners website and how we may use it.

The information in this statement is applicable to the following website: Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fasteners Network (www.china6465. com).

The service provided by Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Branch will automatically collect information about visitors, including the number of visitors, visit time, visit page, visit address, etc. Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Branch uses this information to analyze our server and manage the website.

Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Network uses the function of cookies, which is a standard internet technology that allows us to store and obtain user login information. Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Network uses cookies to ensure that you do not repeatedly browse the same content and can obtain the latest information. We also use cookies to confirm that you are a member of the Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Network. We do not use cookies to track any personal information. Even when using cookies, we will not be informed of your personal information unless you clearly inform us.

Some of the services provided by the fastener branch of Dongfang Ming Cabinet require you to enter information, such as name, E-MAIL mailbox, mailing address, payment account, etc. This is because only by obtaining this information can we provide you with complete services, such as member registration. You have the right to refuse to provide this information at any time, and all information you provide on the Dongfang Ming cabinet fastener network is based on voluntary principles.

Dongfang Ming Cabinet Fastener Network contains links to other websites, and we are not responsible for the content or privacy terms of these websites.

The right to modify and update this privacy clause belongs to Dongfang Mingcabinet Fastener Network (www.china6465. com).

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