The 4th Suzhou International Fastener and Processing Equipment Exhibition 2024

   2023-10-11 10Status
Date 2024-07-25 - 2024-07-27
City suzhou
Address No. 688 East Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park
Hall Suzhou International Expo Center
Sponsor Suzhou Dongming Exhibition Co., LTD
Homepage http://www.dfmg6465.com

Market figures and advantages

● Suzhou's jurisdiction includes: Gusu District, Xiangcheng District, Huqiu District, Wuzhong District, Wujiang District, Zhangjiagang City, Changshu City, Taicang City and Kunshan City. The city covers an area of 8,488.42 square kilometers with a population of 10,6040 million.

● The Yangtze River Delta is China's largest economic zone, an important advanced manufacturing base in the world, committed to building into the world's largest metropolitan area, relying on the location advantages of the Yangtze River Delta, to welcome global merchants.

● End users from the automotive, electronic appliances, construction, machinery, hardware and other industries, domestic fastener manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, fastener system providers, importers and exporters, buyers from all over the world and institutions in China, industry media and associations to organize enterprises to visit the exhibition.

Scope of exhibition

● Fasteners

Bolts, studs, nuts, screws, washers, wood screws, tapping screws, pins, rivets, retainers, assemblies and connection pairs, welding nails, non-standard products;

● Fastener equipment

Cold heading machine, head machine, rolling machine, rolling machine, combined machine, heat treatment, wire drawing machine, testing equipment, screening machine, measuring instrument, cleaning equipment, lathes and turning equipment, etc.

● Mold

Bolt forming die, nut forming die, thread forming tool, etc.;

● Surface treatment

Surface treatment process: electroplating, blackening, heat treatment, hot dip zinc, phosphating, mechanical plating, dacromet;

Auxiliary materials: brightener, cleaning agent, anti-rust agent, degreaser;

● Raw materials and other tools

Medium carbon steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel (including wire, bar, plate, pipe, etc.)

Riveting gun, hex wrench, screwdriver, pneumatic batting head, riveting tools, socket wrench, etc.

Exhibition fee

●A, international standard booth: 9㎡ (3m×3m)

(Standard: 1 sample table, 2 chairs, spotlights, socket, fascia board)

1, single opening: 6900 yuan/booth

2, double opening: 7900 yuan/booth

●B, bare floor booth: 700/㎡ (from 36㎡)

(The open space does not include any configuration, and the expenses of display equipment, electricity and construction shall be borne by themselves. Special installation management fee and special installation deposit shall be paid separately to the exhibition hall.

●C, luxury standard booth in the standard booth on the basis of a unified charge of 1200 yuan /.


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