2024 China (Jiangxi) International Nonferrous Metals and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition

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Date 2024-05-29 - 2024-05-31
Address No. 1315, HuaiYushan Avenue, Honggu Tan District, Nanchang City
Hall Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center
Sponsor Zhongkai International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., LTD

2024 China (Jiangxi) International Nonferrous metals and metallurgical Industry Exhibition

China (Jiangxi) international Non-ferrous metal and metallurgical Industry Exhibition2024

Time: May 29-31, 2024 Venue: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

"World Tungsten Capital", "World Copper capital", "Asian lithium Capital", "rare earth Kingdom"

At the same time: 2024 China (Jiangxi) International Green Mining Expo

2024 China (Jiangxi) International Casting Die Casting, Forging, Heat Treatment Industrial Furnace Exhibition

Invited unit: China Nonferrous metals Industry Association China Tungsten Industry Association

China General Machinery Industry Association China metallurgical Construction Association Jiangxi copper industry Association

Executive unit: Zhongkai International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., LTD

Jiangxi Bochen International Exhibition Co., LTD

【 Many firsts in Jiangxi 】

New China's first aircraft, the first diesel wheeled tractor, the first military side three-wheeled motorcycle, the first coastal defense missile, the first artificial satellite, and today's C919 large passenger aircraft were all born here.

【 Industrial advantage 】

The non-ferrous metal industry is the first pillar industry in Jiangxi Province, and the new connotation of energy consumption "double control" and "double carbon" policy and high-quality development has put forward new requirements for the non-ferrous metal industry to become bigger and stronger. To promote the further healthy, rapid and orderly development of the non-ferrous metal industry and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry is an inevitable requirement to achieve the transformation from a large province of non-ferrous metal resources to a strong province of non-ferrous metal industry, and an important starting point to promote Jiangxi's carbon peak by 2030.

Relying on the rich non-ferrous mineral resources in Jiangxi Province, the non-ferrous metal industry in Jiangxi Province has developed rapidly, the scale continues to expand, and the level continues to improve. It has become the first pillar industry in Jiangxi Province, a "trillion-level" industry that is currently cultivated in Jiangxi Province, and a well-worthy "ballast stone" of Jiangxi manufacturing industry. Jiangxi has become an important non-ferrous metal mineral mining and production base in China. Jiangxi Province has superior metallogenic geological conditions and abundant mineral resources. It is one of the important nonferrous, rare earth, rare earth and uranium ore production bases in China, and the degree of mineral resources is relatively high. Jiangxi copper, tungsten, rare earth, uranium, tantalum niobium, gold, silver seven types of minerals, known as the "seven golden flowers". According to Jiangxi Province's "2+6+N" industry high-quality leapfrog development action plan, the province's non-ferrous industry's main income should reach the trillion level.

In order to promote the healthy development of the non-ferrous metal industry in Jiangxi Province, promote foreign economic and trade cooperation, and guide the non-ferrous metal industry in Jiangxi Province to integrate with the international community, The organizing committee decided to hold the "2024 China (Jiangxi) International Non-ferrous metals and metallurgical Industry Exhibition" in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center on May 29-31, 2024 after in-depth research on the market and project analysis with government authorities/industry associations.

【 Exhibition Time 】

Registration: May 27-28, 2024 Opening: May 29, 2024, 9:30

Display Transaction: May 29-31, 2024 Withdrawal: May 31, 2024, 14:00

Venue: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

【 Exhibition scope 】

Non-ferrous metal raw materials: copper, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc, lead, manganese, zirconium, vanadium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, antimony, tin, chromium, tungsten, tantalum, indium and other non-ferrous metal mineral products raw materials, magnetic materials, rare earth materials, precious metal materials and various alloy materials;

Non-ferrous metal products: copper products, aluminum, titanium alloy products, magnesium alloy products, powder metallurgy products, etc.

metallurgical equipment and technology: smelting furnace, refining equipment, smelting pump valve, conveying equipment, heat exchange equipment, flue gas acid production equipment, corrosion resistance equipment, hydrometallurgy, electrolytic equipment, high-power rectifier power supply, electrolytic cell, extraction equipment, surface treatment equipment, etc.

metal working machine: lathe, milling machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, punching machine, boring machine, machining center. Electric machining machine tools, wire-cutting machine tools, laser processing equipment, etc.

metal automation control equipment: frequency converter, fieldbus, industrial computer, instrumentation, automation control, robot, electronic application system, weighing and equipment manufacturing information solutions;

Auxiliary materials for metal production: chemicals, solvents, refractories, catalysts, gases, lubricants, etc.

Powder metallurgy: raw materials, equipment, products, 3D printing, polymer powder materials, ceramic powder materials;

Casting die casting forging: Casting, casting equipment, casting materials, casting molds, casting/casting robots, casting new technology and other supporting products, various heat treatment furnaces, industrial furnaces, die casting, die casting molds, die casting machines and peripheral equipment, die casting post-processing equipment, surface treatment technology and equipment, die casting robots, die casting new technology supporting products, Forgings, flanges and rings, forging equipment and accessories, surface treatment technology and equipment, automation, forging die manufacturing technology and equipment, forging raw materials.

Geological (mining) exploration technology and equipment: geophysical exploration technology, chemical exploration technology, aerial survey remote sensing technology, surveying and mapping technology, geological data processing, mineral product analysis, laboratory instrumentation.

Mining technology and equipment: mining equipment, drilling and drilling equipment, loading equipment, transportation equipment (excavators, loaders, underground mining vehicles, mining dump vehicles), lifting equipment, drilling, construction machinery, etc.

【 Media promotion 】

65 authoritative financial media, such as Jiangxi Daily, Jiangxi TV Channel, Dajiang Net financial channel, Jiangxi Net, China Net, China Daily Net, China Financial Net, etc.;

Sohu, NetEase, Today's headlines and other 10 mass media platforms;

China Non-ferrous metal Network, non-ferrous metal information network, metal processing and other industries leading professional media 53, other industries related professional media 180;

Baidu promotion, 360 promotion and other Internet search platforms cover keyword search customers;

【 Wonderful Concurrent activities 】

2024 China Foundry Technology Innovation Outstanding Contribution Award ceremony

2024 China metallurgical Melting and Casting Technology Seminar

2024 China recycled metal industry Chain Integration Development Forum

2024 China New Energy Vehicle and Body Weight Summit Forum

2024 China Green Mine Development Forum

【 Exhibition Details 】

★ Ordinary standard booth 3m×3m domestic enterprises: RMB 9800 yuan/piece; Foreign enterprises: RMB 15,800 yuan/piece;

★ International brand booth (9 ㎡, luxury decoration) RMB 12,800 yuan/piece; Foreign enterprises: RMB 18,800 yuan/piece;

★ Indoor bare floor (from 36㎡) Domestic enterprises: RMB 1000 yuan /㎡; Foreign enterprises: RMB 2000 yuan /㎡;

The booth is equipped with: two light tubes, one paper basket, display board, lintel board, one table and two chairs, air conditioning, lighting, security, cleaning, etc.

Note: The open space does not provide any exhibition facilities. The special installation management fee and water and electricity fee charged by the exhibition hall shall be borne by the exhibitors and their special installation contractors.

【 Organizing Committee Secretariat 】

Contact: Li Wei Mobile: 137 1627 4371 (wechat sync)


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