2024 Ningbo International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Expo

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Date 2024-04-18 - 2024-04-20
City Zhe Jiang
Address No. 128, Exhibition Road, Fuming Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
Hall Ningbo International Trade Exhibition Center
Sponsor Zhejiang Haibo Exhibition Service Co., LTD

2024 Ningbo International metal and metallurgical Industry Expo

2024 Ningbo International Fastener, Spring Industry Exhibition

Date: April 18-20, 2024

Address: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: Zhejiang Haibo Exhibition Service Co., LTD

Support unit: Ningbo Fastener Industry Association, Hangzhou Fastener Industry Chamber of Commerce Yueqing Fastener Industry Association, Shenzhen Fastener Industry Association, Dongguan Fastener Industry Association, Guangdong Fastener Industry Association Jiashan Fastener Industry Association

Organizer: Zhejiang Haibo Exhibition Service Co., LTD

I. Market prospects:

Ningbo - "China fastener capital", "China brand capital", "China mold capital", "China molding machine capital", "China auto rubber parts industry base", "one of the three national home appliance production base", "China wire and cable town", "China lighter capital", "China haircutting equipment industry manufacturing base", "China water meter capital", "China Hometown of plumbing equipment ", "China Lighting Manufacturing base", "One of China's main electromechanical production bases", "Communication industry manufacturing base", "Instrument and meter industry base", "China Stationery capital", "the world's largest LCD TV industry base", At the same time, Ningbo is also an important production base for China's general machinery, shipbuilding, mechanical and electrical parts, mobile phones, power equipment, power tools, hardware products and tools, petrochemical, stainless steel products, plastic products, stationery, lighting appliances, fasteners, bearings, clothing and textile industries. At that time, the Hangzhou Bay Volkswagen Zhejiang production base, Geely Automobile production base, auto parts supporting industrial park, semiconductor lighting industrial park, medical equipment industrial park, rail transit equipment manufacturing base and so on, which are under construction, are pregnant with huge market demand.

Ningbo Fastener, Spring Industry Exhibition - With the strong support of government departments, the active participation of relevant industry associations, and the standardized operation of professional institutions, after many years, has been widely recognized by the industry. And has been awarded the market leading excellent exhibition project award by Ningbo Municipal People's Government for many times.

2. Buyer's invitation (Why you must come)

Specialized department

With the development of the Internet era, the Company established the Information Service Department in 2012. It absorbs professionals to collect data, classify and organize, and provides accurate positioning for exhibitors invited to the exhibition, and radiates to buyers of the country and even some foreign enterprises in the form of a network.

Pre-exhibition communication

We have compiled and printed the booth numbers of all exhibitors and the names of all exhibits carried by them, and mailed them to all buyers before the opening of the exhibition, inviting all interested buyers to visit, negotiate and purchase.

When the exhibition is recruiting, please fill in the detailed consultation letter, the type of visiting procurement personnel expected by each enterprise is counted, and our company focuses on inviting this type of procurement personnel to visit and purchase.

3. Publicity and promotion

Promotion through local and surrounding local print media, television stations and other public media;

Through more than 20 professional magazines, websites, public accounts and other Internet media to optimize the combination of promotion.

This exhibition will be based on the needs of exhibitors as the ultimate guidance, through many years of experience in undertaking machinery exhibitions, the establishment of a huge professional database of visitors (300,000 pieces of information). Our staff invited professional visitors from various industries to visit by telephone, fax, email, direct mail, wechat, visit and other forms, and tried to provide exhibitors with satisfactory exhibition results, and contact more buyers and expand more business for exhibitors in a short time.

Key push in:

Large-scale outdoor advertising, road sign advertising and street banner advertising in industrial gathering areas throughout the country; And a full launch of buses, industrial park banners and other forms of advertising.

Iv. Scope of Exhibition:

Fastener category:

Bolts, studs, nuts, screws, washers, wood screws, tapping screws, pins, rivets, retainers, assemblies and coupling pairs, welding nails, innovative and non-standard products

Fastener equipment:

Screw forming machine, cold heading machine, head machine, tooth rolling machine, tail cutting machine, thread rolling machine, stretching machine, wire drawing machine, tapping machine, automatic screw screening machine and screw die;

Fastener molds and consumables: production molds, oil products, surface treatment, chemical agents, auxiliary accessories;

Fastener material: wire, plate, strip steel, stamping plate, stainless steel, copper and special alloy steel;

Spring related products:

Automobile spring, motorcycle spring, valve spring, clutch spring, shock absorber spring, oil pump spring, high temperature spring, mold spring, hydraulic support spring, hot coil spring, leaf spring, disc spring, spring spring, special spring, etc.

Raw materials for spring production:

Spring production with supporting raw materials wire, special steel, stainless steel, plate, pipe and other special materials;

Spring manufacturing technology and equipment:

Computer spring making machine, computer spring pressing machine, spring machine, spring grinding machine, wire bending machine, spring coiling machine, mill, plate spring hardening machine, coil earphone plate spring rolling mill, shot blasting equipment and other special equipment;

All kinds of spring testing instruments and equipment:

Spring testing machine, torsion spring testing machine, material testing machine, hardness tester, spring tension testing machine, gas spring characteristic testing machine, cold and heat testing equipment, corrosion resistance testing equipment, plate spring testing machine, fatigue testing machine, spring load sorting machine, polishing machine, inspection equipment and other special testing equipment;

V. Meeting Schedule:

Registration and exhibition: April 16 - April 17, 2024 8:30-17:00

Exhibition time: April 18 - April 19, 2024 9:00-16:30

April 20, 2024 9:00-12:00

Withdrawal time: 12:00-17:00, April 20, 2024

Vi. Exhibition Fee:

◆ International standard booth -- 9 square meters (3m×3m)

Domestic enterprises: RMB 9,800 / booth Overseas enterprises: USD 2,200 / booth

(Exhibition venue, three or two sides of the display board (2.5m high), lintel board text production, two spotlights, a negotiation table, two chairs, including carpet, a 220V power socket and public area health, security. Other display equipment and services incurred at their own expense.)

◆ Exhibition space (at least 36 square meters)

Domestic enterprises: RMB 1000 / m2 Overseas enterprises: USD 220 / m2

(The open space does not include any configuration, and the expenses of display equipment, electricity consumption, construction and other expenses are self-care. Special installation management fee and special installation deposit shall be paid separately to the exhibition hall.

◆ The conference is looking for co-sponsors to promote the conference simultaneously. For details, please ask for specific programs!

Haibo Exhibition Services Co., LTD. Contact Office:

Add: 9E18, Hall 10, Exhibition Center, 128 Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo

Contact: Yang Mingzhu 13566628610

Mail box: 3146410732@qq.com


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