World Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Expo 2024

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Date 2024-08-08 - 2024-08-10
City Guangzhou
Address 380 Yuejiang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Hall Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall
Sponsor Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., LTD

World Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Industry Expo 2024 (formerly the 16th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition)

Time: August 8-10, 2024

Venue: China import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou

Scale: 1,800 + participating brands, 150,000 ㎡ exhibition area, more than 100 countries, 150,000 + professional visitors

Guangdong Solar Energy Association

Guangdong Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Association

Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., LTD

Support unit:

Guangdong circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources association

Guangdong photovoltaic industry technology innovation alliance

Guangdong solar photovoltaic energy system standardization technical committee

Organizer: Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., LTD

Some international institutions: Pakistan Renewable Energy Society (PRES); Dr. Gopal

Exhibition visit cooperation consultation: Miss Zeng 15918775956 (with wechat)

Organizer: Energy Foundation; IPPF Power Asia;  Iran Renewable Energy Association;  Pakistan Renewable Energy Society (PRES);  Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC); Solar Association;  The Association for Borderless Renewables;  Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA);  Bangladesh-Solar-Renewable-Energy-Association;  ANSOLE e.V.;  Djibouti Solar Industry Association DSIA;  Chinese Association for Renewable Energy (CARE);  Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE); The OSGP Alliance;  World Alliance for Decentralized Energy;  AFRICA SOLAR INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION;  Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union; Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal;  Solar Energy Society of Alberta......

Some international media: Solarnews Magazine, Solarex Magazine, Energia de Hoy, Renewable Watch, Alternative Energy Magazine, Taiyang News, Asia Solar PV Magazine, Solar Journal, Solar Quarter, Green Plus Magazine, Alternative Energy Africa, The Energy Industry Times, The Power Times, Energy Trend, PV Europe, PV Resources, Clean Energy, Era Solar Magazine, Solar Journal; Alternative Energy Africa, Renewables Now, Solar Edition, Total Energy Informatics, Green In Future, Future Energy Web , Energy CIO Insights, Solar Energy Systems Magazine, Energy Newspaper, Energy Press, Energy NP, The Energy Industry More than 200 companies, such as Times, are ranked without distinction

Mass media: CCTV, People's Daily, China Central Radio, Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Guangzhou TV, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Nanfang Daily, Lianhe Zaobao website, Sina, Netyi and more than 80 other mass media.

Domestic professional media: Polaris photovoltaic network, China energy storage network, ofweek solar photovoltaic network, pv001 photovoltaic network, PVP365, Solarbe photovoltaic network, Ailai photovoltaic network, "Solar Energy" magazine, Huaxia energy network, international energy network, South Degree, energy industry, century new energy network, Oule photovoltaic network, solar photovoltaic support network, energy economic network, China New energy Network, global photovoltaic network, national photovoltaic network, Tao photovoltaic, power supply portal, power supply network, electronic industry network, Chinese battery network, tower network, lithium power grid, photoelectric barba, photovoltaic test network, photovoltaic power network, photovoltaic trading network, photovoltaic business network, photovoltaic system network, photovoltaic talent network, silicon industry online win silicon network, "Oriental Lighting", "China Street light", "Power industry" magazine, East Fangming Cabinet media and other more than 300 professional media.

【PV Guangzhou Review 】

PV Guangzhou has been held for 15 consecutive years and is an important exhibition platform for global photovoltaic energy storage enterprises to promote trade and brand promotion. The exhibition covers all areas of the optical storage industry, including raw material supply, main and auxiliary materials, mechanical equipment, modules, inverters, brackets, batteries, energy storage, photovoltaic engineering and solar photovoltaic applications. Each year, together with wind energy, bioenergy, energy storage, charging piles and other new energy fields, the cumulative exhibition area reached more than 400,000 square meters, attracting the participation of more than 4,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, has been promoted by more than 500 media at home and abroad, the exhibition for Chinese enterprises to go out, overseas enterprises to establish a good business service platform. PV Guangzhou attaches great importance to the organization of visitors and has been supported by more than 200,000 professional visitors, including more than 150,000 visitors at the last exhibition.

【PV Guangzhou 2024 Outlook 】

Continuous innovation and technological progress in China's light storage industry have promoted the benign development of the light storage industry, and comprehensively promoted the construction of distributed photovoltaic power plants and energy storage power stations. The "2024 World Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Industry Expo (formerly the 16th Guangzhou International Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition)" (PV Guangzhou) is organized by Guangdong Solar Energy Association, Guangdong Foreign Economic Cooperation Enterprises Association, Guangdong Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Association and Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., LTD August 8-10, 2024 in Guangzhou. Canton Fair Exhibition Hall held! PV Guangzhou2024 expects more than 1800 exhibitors, exhibition area of 150,000 square meters, more than 100 countries more than 150,000 professional visitors. It is an important channel for domestic and foreign brand expansion, the Chinese market, the best channel for the layout of the global network, and an important platform and trade orientation for the annual new product release of the photovoltaic energy storage industry.

【PV Guangzhou 2024 Advantages 】

1. Create brands and expand new markets: PVGuangzhou is committed to becoming an important trading platform in South China and even the whole country.

2. Promote export sales and target the largest purchasing groups: PVGuangzhou, relying on the status of Guangzhou city and the organizer's huge overseas procurement resource base, actively assists enterprises to expand the market.

3, domestic demand, expand domestic sales: to increase the proportion of new energy and renewable energy in China's energy structure, is China's established development goals.

4, gather buyers, create an efficient platform for enterprise marketing: the exhibition will be widely organized related buyers, industry dealers and agents, engineering units and other participation in the exhibition.

5, elite, to discuss new breakthroughs in the development of the industry: the exhibition will be held in the same period of the summit forum, expert lectures and other activities.

【PV Guangzhou 2024 Promotion 】

1. The regional heads of the International Department of the Organizing Committee send millions of tickets and e-tickets to the world;

2, the organizing committee will share domestic and foreign solar PV procurement resource base through five periods of more than 2 million buyers SMS invitation;

3, the exhibition held a number of summit forums, seminars, new product launches, etc., to attract high-end professionals to participate;

4, the Organizing committee will work closely with more than 500 domestic and foreign media to follow up and promote the whole process;

5, the Organizing committee will cooperate with hundreds of global industry associations (schools), government and other institutions to ensure the effect of enterprise participation.

【PV Guangzhou 2024 Concurrent Activities 】

2024 China PV Industry Development Summit Forum

2024 Guangdong High-quality Development Forum for New Energy Storage Industry

2024 Outstanding Enterprise Award Ceremony

【 Target audience 】

◆ National solar photovoltaic and energy storage related decision-making government departments and provincial and municipal development and reform commission, scientific research units, associations, energy decision-making bodies.

◆ Domestic and foreign manufacturers, distribution agents, traders, venture investors, photovoltaic engineering companies, energy engineering companies.

◆ Domestic and foreign power planning research institute (institute), power plant (station), electric power company, electric power engineering company, mechanical and electrical installation company.

◆ Domestic and foreign military, maritime, national defense, communication applications, aerospace, provincial and municipal transportation, municipal engineering and agriculture departments (institutions).

◆ Domestic and foreign construction science institutes, urban construction planning and design institutes (institutes), real estate developers, architectural design consulting companies, property companies.

◆ All kinds of domestic and foreign solar photovoltaic and energy storage product application institutions and solar energy industry bases, new energy training institutions, service companies, media.

◆ It is expected that there are more than 100 professional buyers from Europe, America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

【 Range of exhibits 】

◆ Production technology and research equipment: photovoltaic cells: photovoltaic cell manufacturers, battery module manufacturers, battery module installers;

Parts: battery, charger, controller, converter, recorder, inverter, monitor, bracket/tracking system, cable, etc.

Photovoltaic raw materials: silicon material, silicon ingot/silicon block, silicon wafer, packaging glass, packaging film, other raw materials;

Photovoltaic Engineering and Systems: Mobile energy, off-grid solar photovoltaic system, photovoltaic system integration, solar photovoltaic energy storage technology equipment and system, smart grid energy storage power station system, solar air Regulation system, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar energy detection and control system, solar heating system engineering, photoelectric building integration technology, solar photovoltaic engineering process control, project management and software preparation system.

◆ Photovoltaic production equipment: silicon bar silicon ingot production equipment: a full set of production lines, ingot furnace, crucible, growth furnace, other related equipment;

Silicon wafer production equipment: a full set of production lines, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, testing equipment, other related equipment;

Battery production equipment: production line, etching equipment, diffusion furnace, laminating equipment/deposition furnace, printing machine, tester and sorter, etc. Panel/component production equipment: complete production line, test equipment, glass cleaning equipment, wiring/welding equipment, laminating equipment, etc. Film battery version production equipment: amorphous silicon battery, copper indium Gallium diselenide battery CIS/CIGS, cadmium tellurium film battery CdTe, dye sensitization, battery, DSSC, etc.

◆ Solar photovoltaic application products: solar street lights, lawn lights, garden lights, navigation lights, agricultural insecticidal lights, chargers, signal lights, traffic warning lights, solar information display, power supply systems, mobile chargers, water pumps, solar household products and other solar products.

◆ Solar thermal power generation system: trough heat collection system, tower heat collection system, dish power generation system, Freel heat collection system, Stirling generator, heat collection tube, steam turbine, energy storage materials, heat storage equipment, heat exchanger, heat transfer oil, transmission tube, tracking control system, testing equipment, coating equipment, high temperature pump valve, insulation materials, all kinds of sensors, etc.

◆ Energy storage Application area: compressed air energy storage, pumped storage, superconducting electromagnetic energy storage, flywheel energy storage, heat/cold storage, hydrogen storage and other energy storage technologies, equipment and materials that can be used for plug-in electric vehicles; All kinds of batteries (Ni-MH batteries, Li-ion batteries, Li-polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries, smart batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries), energy storage power supplies, supercapacitors, renewable fuel cells, flow batteries and other technologies, equipment and materials

◆ Energy storage equipment and accessories: IGBT, power module; Energy storage inverter PCS, energy storage cell and PACK, battery management system BMS, energy management system EMS; Energy storage fire fighting equipment (battery thermal management, detection and early warning, fire prevention and control devices, electrical fire monitoring, DC insulation detection); Energy storage container; Distribution equipment (switchgear, cable, AC-DC switch, contactor, connector, AC-DC meter, etc.), distributed control system DCS, remote measurement and control equipment RTU, heat exchanger equipment, industrial controller; Overall energy storage equipment (such as household energy storage products, integrated industrial and commercial energy storage cabinets, mobile energy storage vehicles)

◆. Energy storage system and EPC project:

Distributed energy and energy storage systems: microgrid, user-side energy storage, household energy storage system, military energy storage system, energy storage system for areas without electricity; Centralized renewable energy power generation system: large-scale energy storage system on the grid side, grid-connected inverter, peak power station, frequency modulation power station, thermal energy storage joint frequency modulation system; Communication base station energy storage; Rail transit energy storage recovery system; Data center power supply, UPS power supply, mobile power supply and other energy storage power supply

【 Contact information 】

Address: 7th Floor, Block C, Poly World Trade Center, 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Contact: Zeng Liting

Mobile/wechat: 15918775956

QQ: 1595106024

Email: grand.gz@grahw.com


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