Zhejiang Dongming digital factory officially opened

   2023-10-25 20
Tips:On October 20, 2023, the new Dongming digital Chemical factory was officially opened. At this important moment, Dongming received the visit of customers and suppliers, and joined hands with many partn

On October 20, 2023, the new Dongming digital Chemical factory was officially opened. At this important moment, Dongming received the visit of customers and suppliers, and joined hands with many partners to witness the company's digital transformation and upgrading.


  On the occasion of the opening of the new plant, many customers and suppliers came to Dongming for field visits. After showing the scale and layout of the new plant, the professional team of Dongming gave a detailed introduction to the advanced equipment and intelligent production process of the new plant. Visiting customers and suppliers have said: Dongming not only in the economic depression and market pressure to maintain rapid development, but also successfully opened a new plant, which undoubtedly proves the strength and determination of Dongming. In the future, they will also continue to reach in-depth cooperation with Dongming and work together to meet new challenges.

  To turn crisis into opportunity, faith is more valuable than gold

Economic shocks in the new bureau, industry reshuffle crisis contains opportunities, survival of the fittest, to remove the wheat, will promote the progress of the screw industry. Dongming always firmly believes that in the case of poor external environment, only in the leading place of industry competition can we have a greater strategic depth space. Therefore, the company firmly expanded production, insisted on automation investment, and successively opened new plants in Huzhou and Jiaxing, and the fastener production capacity increased by more than 12,000 tons per month, and the intelligent upgrade took an important step. Taking opportunities in danger and seeking progress in stability, Dongming has absolute strength and confidence to persist to the end.

  Win-win cooperation, the way to survive under change

  The economic pressure of the downturn is like a boulder, but Dongming was not overwhelmed, but with a forward-looking vision and flexible market strategy, timely adjustment of business direction, adhere to the service provider oriented, actively sacrifice profits to support customers, and strive to work together with service providers to break the deadlock. Under the guidance of such a "collaborative policy", in order to provide better and stronger support for service providers, the company has newly purchased land to build a digital new factory, aiming to optimize resource allocation, improve production efficiency, and work together with service providers to win the future.

  The new factory opens, another puzzle in the field of stainless steel


Dongming new plant is a high-end stainless steel fastener digital factory project, is an important milestone in the development of the company against the trend. In the new factory, Dongming invested in high-end environment-friendly intelligent equipment, and introduced advanced intelligent digital systems such as APS, WMS, MES and electronic Kanban management, mainly focusing on nut production, realizing the doubling of Dongming nut production capacity. The new plant has also set up more than 15,000 tons of automated warehousing, supplemented by intelligent logistics handling system, shipping efficiency doubled, to provide customers all over the country with our high-quality products.

The world under the great historical changes is full of unknowns and challenges, but Dongming firmly believes that only by going forward, can we find our own road. Thank you for your support, thank you for the trust of all partners, Dongming will continue to forge ahead, to provide customers around the world with better products and services.

(Source: Dongming, Zhejiang)

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