Lei Jun took the millet SU7 rear wheel screw off? Automotive fastener industry trend analysis

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Tips:Recently, some netizens found that Lei Jun's blue Xiaomi SU7 Max on the delivery day of the Xiaomi auto factory in Beijing had white attachments on the rear wheel.On April 5, Xiaomi Wang Hua respo

Recently, some netizens found that Lei Jun's blue Xiaomi SU7 Max on the delivery day of the Xiaomi auto factory in Beijing had white attachments on the rear wheel.

On April 5, Xiaomi Wang Hua responded on Weibo that after site investigation, there were on-site construction delivery ceremony material particles on the ground, which were rolled by the rear wheel and adhered to the tire, and then fell naturally and were recorded by video. Please rest assured that it is not the vehicle screw off, and thank you for the discovery of careful netizens.


Wang Hua is the general manager of Xiaomi Group's public relations department, China Securities Journal previously reported.


Big coffee comments: The so-called "people red is not much", the new car is too concerned, and it is really a lot of pressure for manufacturers. From the perspective of automobile production, "rear wheel screw off" is a very low-level error, I believe that in most regular automobile production, the probability of this problem is very low.


So talk about auto fasteners, by the way to popularize the development trend of the auto fastener industry, I hope to bring you a little inspiration ~


Automotive fastener industry overview and development trend


1. Overall market overview of the industry

The number and variety of automotive fasteners include bolts, studs, screws, washers, retainers and assemblies and connecting pairs. According to statistics, the average passenger car needs to use about 5,000 fasteners, weighing about 50 kilograms; An average of 5,710 fasteners are used in a medium truck or a heavy truck, weighing about 90 kg.


Automotive fasteners as mechanical basic parts are widely used in automotive interior and exterior decoration, chassis, power system and various body structures, systems, plays a fundamental but important role. Because it is closely connected with all parts of the body, it needs to adapt to a variety of complex and harsh environments and occasions with the body. The failure of fasteners often causes serious accidents or consequences, therefore, the automotive fastener industry has strict requirements for product quality, stability and durability.


At present, the automotive industry gradually to lightweight, diversified, intelligent, environmental protection development, the fastener industry material application, design speed, production accuracy, environmental protection requirements are increasing, so the application of new materials, simulation technology application, process innovation and so on gradually become the new direction of the development of automotive fastener industry.


2. Industry development trend

(1) The application of new materials

With the continuous promotion of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, new energy vehicles have become an important direction for the future development of the automobile industry. Traditional carbon steel has the disadvantages of poor thermal hardness and high density, which is difficult to meet the development needs of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the application of a variety of new materials, including all kinds of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, is gradually expanding in the automotive fastener industry, which can meet the requirements of various lightweight, structural design, processing, and harsh environment, and overcome the shortcomings of traditional material fasteners in performance.


(2) Application of simulation technology

The traditional fastener development and production usually designs a scheme first, and then produces the corresponding sample according to the design scheme, and tests whether the sample meets the design requirements. This method usually needs to modify the scheme repeatedly and produce samples repeatedly, which has the disadvantages of low efficiency and high cost. Through modeling and the determination of appropriate boundary conditions, the application of simulation technology can intuitively and accurately reflect the reaction of various products under different stress, processing and deformation conditions, and has high reference value and significance for the selection of final molding and processing technology and materials.


(3) Continuous innovation of production process

The traditional fastener production process is mainly cold heading, which has low production cost, but weak forming ability for complex parts. As a process with higher precision, machining can realize the production of high-precision and high-complexity products. However, because the machining process itself is the cutting and cutting of raw materials, the material utilization rate is low, the cost is high, and the machining process is more complex, resulting in relatively low production efficiency. Therefore, combining the characteristics of traditional cold heading and warm heading processes with the advantages of machining, it can achieve the production of high-precision and high-complexity products at low cost and high efficiency, and meet the increasingly stringent cost and accuracy requirements of vehicle manufacturers. The improvement and combination of various processes have increasingly become the innovation direction of many automotive fastener manufacturers.




Source: Hangzhounet

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