Wenzhou fastener Industry Association held five four meetings of the president

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Tips:On March 26, the association's fifth session of the fourth president meeting was held in the conference room of the association, the association's president, honorary president, chief supervis

On March 26, the association's fifth session of the fourth president meeting was held in the conference room of the association, the association's president, honorary president, chief supervisor, executive vice president, vice president nearly 30 people attended the meeting, the members of the Board of supervisors, all the staff of the Secretariat attended the meeting, and the president Ji Shaofeng made a report on the work of the fifth session of the fourth meeting. The meeting was presided over by Jiang Yong, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the association.


President Ji Shaofeng summarized and deployed the work of the association from three aspects.


First, industry analysis


Scientific analysis of the industry economic situation in 2023, the main problems of the industry economy and the development trend of the industry economy in 2024. It is pointed out that in 2023, there are changes in the stability of the industry economy, and there are worries in the change, and the overall maintenance and turnaround can be waited for. Digital technology and intelligent manufacturing have become the blocking points and pain points of industrial transformation and upgrading, the internal cycle is slow, and trade protectionism is intensified in the external cycle. In 2024, the industrial economy is still in a state of wave-like development and zigzag progress.


Second, summarize the deployment


Objectively summarize the work achievements in 2023, and arrange the key work in 2024 in a realistic manner. Affirming that the association from the party building, promote the construction of the association, grasp the review, promote norms, hold exhibitions, help the economy, undertake functions, perform duties, strong service, promote development, play the function of "coordination, service, exchange", promote the high-quality development of the association. In 2023, the total output value of fastener sales in the city reached 26.605 billion yuan, and the export value was 163.09 million US dollars. It is emphasized that 2024 will take "improving the exhibition, building the brand, and strengthening the service" as the general tone, and focus on party building and improving the position of the station. Excellent service, build the association "brand"; Emphasis on publicity, communication industry "voice"; Strong innovation, the promotion of industrial "development" and other aspects of the standard on the table layout, in Wenzhou "strong city action", the drawing of Wenzhou fastener industry gorgeous scroll.


Iii. Immediate arrangements


With the attitude that time does not wait for me to work, seize opportunities, seize the track, do a new atmosphere, show new achievements, promote new leaps, and put forward suggestions for the current work. Pay close attention to the recruitment work of the expo, and make careful planning, accurate docking, and implementation; Explore a series of new mechanisms for school association talent training and talent introduction, develop new quality productivity, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote high-quality development of the industry; Strengthen the standardization construction of the association, promote the comprehensive deepening of the work of the association through the improvement of the system.

The meeting also voted to pass the list of executive vice president and vice president, Wenzhou Jiangnan Fine Machinery Co., Ltd. was promoted to executive vice president unit; Wenzhou Hongbo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Qunfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. were promoted to vice president units.


At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Wenzhou Jinxiu branch of Minsheng Bank made financial knowledge empowering guidance, introduced the basic situation of the bank and related products suitable for the fastener industry in detail, and said that he would make every effort to help the association serve member enterprises together and truly become a financial consultant in the industry.

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