The fifth council meeting of Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association was held successfully

   2023-08-20 10
Tips:、On the afternoon of August 19, 2023, the third council meeting of the fifth session of Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association was held in the conference room of Wenzhou Branch of Zhejiang Commercial


On the afternoon of August 19, 2023, the third council meeting of the fifth session of Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association was held in the conference room of Wenzhou Branch of Zhejiang Commercial Bank. The president of the association, Ji Shaofeng, honorary president Wu Jinyao, Chief supervisor Chen Yang, Chairman of the trade union Zhou Gan, executive vice president, vice president, manager (supervisor) and relevant personnel of the association secretariat attended the meeting. Weng Haibo, general manager of Wenzhou Xincheng Branch of Zheshang Bank, and Dong Miaomiao, account manager, were invited to attend. The meeting was presided over by Jiang Yong, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the association.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Party branch of the Association held a theoretical study meeting on Party building, and Wu Jinyao, honorary president and secretary of the branch, made a report on "In-depth study and implementation of the Party's twenty major Spirits to fully stimulate the innovation and creativity of the private economy", and interpreted and promoted the opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council on promoting the development and growth of the private economy. The participants deeply felt the support of the Party Central Committee and The State Council for the development of the private economy and the importance of the development of private entrepreneurs, which injected a strong dose for the development of the private economy and gave private entrepreneurs a "reassuring pill".


      The meeting also held an interpretation of the invitation notice for sponsors of the annual meeting, and the Secretariat reported on the preparation of the annual meeting, including the review and voting of new (promoted) members (directors, vice presidents, executive vice presidents) (after April 7, 2023), members who have resigned from the board of directors, and members who have retired (members, directors) (after June 18, 2022).



During the meeting, Weng Haibo, General Manager of Zhejiang Commercial Bank Wenzhou Xincheng Branch, delivered an enthusiastic speech on behalf of the branch, stating that it will leverage the financial efficiency of the bank, fulfill the social responsibility of finance for the people, provide high-quality financial services for the fastener industry, and fully build an ecosystem for deepening cooperation between banks and enterprises. Customer Manager Dong Miaomiao combined the characteristics of the fastener industry with the advantages of the bank to provide industry empowerment guidance on "Being Extraordinary Due to Differences - Helping Enterprises on the Road to Success". The listening personnel responded strongly and benefited greatly.

Finally, Ji Shaofeng's representative council summarized and deployed the previous stage of work and the next steps of tasks. We have fully affirmed the achievements made in guiding party building, rectifying the direction of organizing meetings, standardizing association construction, conducting 5A association reassessment, strengthening safety production, promoting industry self-discipline, serving members, promoting high-quality development of the fastener industry, conscientiously fulfilling our duties, and promoting the healthy development of the association.

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     It is pointed out that we should concentrate on the second member meeting of the fifth session of the Association on October 19, put the work into practice, and make the conference an influential industry event. Second, we should go all out to do a good job in October 20-22 China (Wenzhou) International Fastener Expo, implement various measures, make sure that it is safe, and constantly polish the golden card of Wenzhou "China fastener City" to show the good style of Wenzhou brand. Third, to complete the tasks determined at the beginning of the year, continue to track the 5A review of the community, improve the ability to transfer government functions, accelerate the pace of cooperation with Wenzhou University of Technology, deepen the implementation of the negative list of production safety, improve the working mechanism of the association, give full play to the function of "coordination, service and exchange", and improve the level of service member enterprises. The use of association publicity carriers to promote positive energy, enhance the cohesion of the association has made great progress, promote the high-quality sustainable development of the industry, and write a new chapter in the new era of Wenzhou fasteners.

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