The first session of the second council of Dongtai Fastener Industry Association was held

   2023-08-15 20
Tips:The red Party flag flies high, leading the team to fight!On the afternoon of August 13, 2023, 28 governing units of Dongtai Fastener Industry Association held the second council of the first session o

The red Party flag flies high, leading the team to fight!

On the afternoon of August 13, 2023, 28 governing units of Dongtai Fastener Industry Association held the second council of the first session of Dongtai Fastener Industry Association under the Party flag. At the conference table of United Chuangli Hardware Technology Jiangsu Co., LTD., the governing units carefully listened to the report and discussed and actively planned to draw a blueprint for the development of the association.

President Huang Longfeng thanked the governing units for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting, and paid tribute to everyone for their firm support and selfless dedication to the work of the association.

The meeting was chaired by Zhao Baolu, Secretary general of the association, and the meeting had a total of six agendas. First of all, Secretary-General Zhao Baolu will make a work report for the first half of 2023.


Secretary General Zhao reported the preparatory plan and work of the association, reviewed the implementation process of the founding conference, sorted out the problems encountered at that time, reviewed the incomplete plan and insufficient work, and reported the improvement plan. After deliberation by the participating directors, they were generally satisfied with the report, put forward suggestions for improvement on some issues, and unanimously expressed that they should continue to do a good job in the follow-up activities. For the help of various activities.

On the second agenda, Vice President Shen Ronghua, representing the Secretariat, made the financial report of the Association since its establishment and the financial budget for the next stage.


Vice President Shen made a report from the four parts of income, expenditure, balance and the financial budget of the second half of the year, in which the specific income and expenditure details were listed and properly interpreted to help the governing units better review the report. He stressed that financial work is an important part of the work of the association and is a work with strong principles. The association will always adhere to the principle of rigorous, economical and standardized management, make reasonable use of the limited funds of the association, make long-term arrangements and make detailed plans; Always insist on taking funds from members and using them; Adhere to democratic financial management, and put an end to corruption and misappropriation.


Entrusted by the Board of supervisors, Chief Supervisor You Yingjun made a report to the Board of supervisors, saying that he would continue to earnestly fulfill the responsibilities given by the Charter of Dongtai Fastener Industry Association, and strive to effectively perform the supervision function in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting System for Civil non-profit Organizations, making positive contributions to the standardized operation and healthy development of the association.

The fourth agenda item of the meeting discusses the establishment of a standing council and voting, by members of the initiative to register, through the 26 members of the board of directors on-site voting, voting supervisors, seven members of the Standing Council were elected by margin, namely Shen Ronghua, Zhao Baolu, Liu Jinping, Ouyang Guichang, Chen Baoming, Feng Pan and Chen Yongyu.

President Huang read out the list on the spot and expressed congratulations, and put forward requirements for the future work of the Standing Council, do a good job in publicity, docking, internal activity planning, close contact with all parties, and make the association's activities more distinctive, more attractive, and more united.


Finally, President Huang made a summary of this meeting and made arrangements for the work in the second half of the year. It is pointed out that although the work of the association in the first half of the year has made some achievements, there are still many shortcomings. The association is required to continue to expand publicity, maintain more communication with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, do a good job of communicating with the enterprise and the government, and help the smooth operation of the enterprise industry.

The president pointed out four directions for the work of the association in the second half of the year: first, accelerate the construction of the platform and improve the organization of the association; Second, strengthen publicity and promotion to expand the social influence of the association; Third, liaise closely with all parties to integrate internal and external forces; Fourth, strengthen activity planning and enhance internal friendship among members.

During the discussion session of the meeting, on the detailed work list listed by the president, the participating directors took turns to speak and discuss, offer suggestions, and put forward a lot of specific plans and valuable opinions. The atmosphere was very active, and the determination to do a good job for the work of the association was strengthened.

We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of President Huang, under the continuous efforts of the directors, and with the support of all members, the association will face the rising sun and forge ahead, and will be able to achieve greater success.

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