New energy vehicle repair industry ushered in a new wind

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Tips:New energy vehicles have run out of their own acceleration, but supporting services, after-sales maintenance system is still in the accelerated layout stage, some auto repair stores often do not repai

New energy vehicles have run out of their own "acceleration", but supporting services, after-sales maintenance system is still in the accelerated layout stage, some auto repair stores often do not repair, dare not repair, maintenance enterprises need to seize this rare dividend period.

In recent days, Peng Dan, the owner of Chongqing Weima EX5 new energy, is very anxious, because of the power battery failure, the local after-sales maintenance center can not be found, the manufacturer can not provide accessories, the vehicle can only "lie down". In fact, as the elimination of the new energy vehicle market intensifies, some new car-making forces have disappeared from public view, and some owners who are encountering difficulties and facing after-sales problems are not in a minority.

In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles in China has entered the fast lane, and the market share of new energy vehicles in the first half of 2023 has reached more than 28.3%. However, the development speed of the after-sales maintenance field is far from keeping up with the development of the front-end industry, and consumers generally reflect that it is easy to buy a car and difficult to repair a car.

Of course, for the automotive aftermarket companies behind many car companies, it is undoubtedly a new direction and new opportunities for development. According to Tianyan data, as of now, there are more than 168,000 new energy vehicle maintenance related enterprises in the country. Among them, more than 20,000 new registered enterprises were registered in the first half of this year, up 33.5% year-on-year.

New energy auto repair "tuyere" strong

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, more and more manufacturers begin to pay attention to after-sales service, and gradually open the core data of new energy vehicles to third parties, which provides more opportunities for third-party manufacturers. For example, Tesla is the first car manufacturer to open its core data, which also makes Tesla the object of competition for various players.

In China, every 1 yuan of car purchase consumption will drive 0.65 yuan of car aftermarket service. With considerable profits, more and more entrants are pouring into the field of automotive aftermarket services.

The Passenger Federation forecast pointed out that in 2023, the domestic passenger car sales will be 23.5 million, and the sales of new energy passenger cars will be 8.5 million, and the annual penetration rate of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 36%. It is expected that by 2025, the number of new energy vehicles in China will reach 20 million. According to the "China Automobile Aftermarket Maintenance Industry White Paper" shows that the average maintenance customer unit price of new energy vehicles is about 1,500 yuan, such as according to the user annual maintenance twice, only the new energy vehicle insurance maintenance market size of 300 billion yuan.

On July 30, Huang Haoran, the owner of Tesla in Chongqing who has been open for many years, told reporters that it has been very convenient for the maintenance and replacement of easily worn parts such as air conditioning filters and tires, as well as car wash beauty services. However, when it comes to battery, motor, electronic control and other "three power" related failures, it is relatively difficult to find a knowledgeable auto repair store.

In the interview, the reporter found that the auto repair shop on the market is currently unable to meet the task of new energy vehicle maintenance, and the 4S shop and the official authorized shop have become the main maintenance channel. However, the number is still small, unable to meet the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, and more maintenance enterprises need to join.

Hu Xiaodong, president of Tuhu Car Maintenance, said recently that the development of the new energy vehicle aftermarket needs upstream and downstream coordination and integration. Independent third-party after-sales enterprises such as Tuhu Car maintenance, store layout covers major cities and sinking markets, can provide a broader after-sales service network for new energy vehicles.

In fact, at present, in addition to Tuhu, Tmall, Jingdong and other money to expand at the same time, with the online traffic to feed the offline store car maintenance platform, to NIO, ideal, etc. represented by the new car building forces, but also through equity investment and other ways, personally layout of the new energy vehicle aftermarket track.

"We also look forward to cooperating with more industry partners to form a mutually beneficial and win-win after-sales service ecosystem for new energy vehicles, and continue to empower China's automotive aftermarket, so as to better bring quality consumption experience and one-stop solutions to the majority of car owners." At the opening ceremony of Chongqing maintenance station for the first dual-brand authorized new energy vehicle in the Bosch Automotive after-sales and Ningde era, Wang Songtao, president of Bosch Automotive after-sales Asia Pacific, said.

Zhang Xinghai, chairman of Chongqing Celis Automobile, believes that in the future, for a considerable period of time, large maintenance enterprises with technology, capital and resource advantages will have more opportunities to participate in the competition of new energy vehicle repair shops, not only to provide consumers with more perfect after-sales service for new energy vehicles, but also to accelerate the creation of a 100-billion-level blue ocean market.

The auto repair industry may usher in great changes

With the gradual increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, the new energy vehicle after-sales market is showing huge opportunities, but also looking forward to a more perfect comprehensive service system. Unlike fuel vehicles, smart electric vehicles are more like a technology product, many problems are generated around software, and the solution of software problems often requires the Oems and suppliers to cooperate to solve, and it is not the fuel vehicle era to change accessories can be solved.

At present, large and small repair shops occupy more than 80% of the market share of the auto repair market, but the auto repair industry may soon usher in great changes. Some professional organizations predict that in the next five years, the number of after-sales service repair stores will drop from nearly 900,000 to 400,000 to 450,000, in addition to the business of sheet metal painting can continue, the remaining repair shops may be ruthlessly eliminated by the industry.

"Now 90% of the repair shop is in the transition to new energy maintenance, we are no exception, otherwise will be eliminated." Xiong Yunlong, a longtime auto maintenance boss in Chongqing, said the number of new energy vehicles entering the store has increased from 10 percent last year to 20 to 30 percent now.

Xiong Yunlong told reporters that for new energy vehicles, auto repair stores often encounter situations that can not be repaired, dare not repair or disorderly repair. If the professional knowledge of the maintenance personnel is not up to standard, there may be greater safety hazards or even accidents due to improper operation.

Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Tsinghua University, believes that in the critical period of the development of new energy vehicles, the industry should pay more attention to how to make consumers use new energy vehicles conveniently and happily. Strengthening the construction of after-sales service system and optimizing vehicle services such as repair, maintenance, insurance and annual inspection are the key to winning market recognition for new energy vehicles.

How to deal with the changes in the era of new energy vehicles

"At present, the new energy auto repair industry has problems such as high qualification entry threshold, low industrialization degree, small number of service outlets, low professional level of maintenance technology and high maintenance costs." Mo Yuanming, a researcher at the Center for Coordinated Development of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chongqing Technology and Business University, believes that in order to solve these problems, we must start from strengthening the national policy support and industrial layout of the new energy auto repair industry, strengthen industry norms and standardization, and vigorously guide capital to invest in the strategic tuyre of the new energy auto repair industry.

As new energy vehicles enter the high maintenance period, the contradiction between the growth of after-sales service demand and the insufficient after-sales service capacity of the entire market has gradually become prominent. Zhou Dajun, chairman and president of Huasheng Group, said publicly at the 11th Yunshan Auto repair Conference that the car market is so powerful that it should learn from the real estate industry maintenance fund model to protect the interests of repair, parts manufacturers and owners.

"Behind the difficult maintenance is the overall lack of domestic new energy vehicle maintenance talents." Wang Kunfa, president of Chongqing Jiangbei District Automobile Maintenance Association, said that if we do not improve and solve the problem of insufficient supply of current new energy auto repair personnel as soon as possible, it is bound to affect the healthy and sustainable development of China's new energy automobile industry.

"There are tens of thousands of enterprises and stores that repair vehicles in Chongqing, but there are only more than 100 enterprises and stores that repair new energy vehicles, which cannot meet market demand or adapt to future development." Mei Qing, chairman of Chongqing Platinum Group, told reporters that for this reason, the company signed several vocational colleges to build new energy technology service vocational schools to train more maintenance professionals.

The reporter recently visited some automobile enterprises and vocational colleges in Chongqing and found that new energy automobile enterprises are promoting the transformation of traditional auto repair personnel to upgrade "technology", Changan new energy vehicle maintenance technician training more than 15 periods, training more than 300 people. Some technical colleges have also begun to explore new energy auto repair courses to train "three power" senior technicians.

Mo Yuanming believes that the multi-party construction of the corresponding talent training system has become the key to the development of the new energy vehicle auto repair industry. The government should promote the synchronous reform of the relevant vocational education system, increase the training content of new energy vehicle auto repair skills in the technical school auto repair specialty, strengthen the cooperation between the technical school and the auto repair line, so that students can seamlessly receive the practical operation line after graduation.

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